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Links to VALUABLE Motorcycling Information


Cindy's Dirt Bike Page  Follow the travails of a beginning motorcycle racer
Cindy's Dirt Bike Learning Page  Everything from how to select the proper bike to what accessories you'll need
   Texas Cross Country Racing Association
  Unofficial District 37 Desert Racing Home Page
  Official AMA District 37 Home Page
  America's Motorcycling Newspaper
  Home of the steering stabilizer
AMA Texas Championship Hare Scrambles Series
  Find out how "factory" is doing in the Open Pro class
  World's Greatest 125
  ESPN2's Motorcycling Highlights Program
  American Motorcyclist Association
  Eric Gorr's Forward Motion Racing site  The new home of Super Hunky
  THE dominant scooter of the late 60s/early 70s
RUTS  District 37 desert racing club
  Free web hosting for dirt bikers!
Send Mr. Baxter your crash story!

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